Formius Design provides high-end 3D modeling, rendering, and animation for a wide array of clients to satisfy a wide range of applications.  From architecture to defense, we have the experience and expertise to create captivating 3D content that is second to none.  We are passionate about creating what doesn’t yet exist, as well as recreating reality in compelling new ways.

Each potential client and project is unique, and we appreciate you entrusting your work to us.  We treat every project with great care, providing clear communication, integrity, hard work, and a passion for excellence.

Formius Design was founded by veteran 3D artist/modeler, Tom Fetterolf, in 2008.  After receiving his BS in architecture from Catholic University, Tom spent several years working for an engineering and architecture firm specializing in airport design.  While there he was selected by the owner to develop models for his 3D prototyping (SLA) service bureau.  The next chapter in his career was establishing and managing the graphics team for a tech startup which provided solutions for the Defense Advanced Projects Agency – DARPA.

With over 20 years of experience in 3D graphics, Tom leads the team at Formius Design as they take on a variety of projects and see them through to their successful conclusion.